Learning In Community

Guildford Community Learning Centre

Our premises at 109 Southway (Westborough) provides a classroom where we and our partners, for example Activate Learning, can deliver learning to meet local needs.  Learning has the potential to change lives, and during the year we were able to engage and support 70 local residents during the year enabling them to address financial, educational and social inequalities.


Digital Buddies Project

In the UK there are 10 million people without access to the internet, four million among the most socially and economically disadvantaged, 39% over the age of 65 years and 38% unemployed. One third of all households do not have the internet and one in four adults have never used the internet.

We have been providing virtual one-to-one buddy/learning mentor support for residents experiencing digital inclusion. This might include helping clients access online job searches, assisting them to enrol and join digital distance- learning courses or supporting them as they commence employment.

“Digital buddies has helped me grow in confidence using my iPad.”

Starting Sooner

We always say that early intervention works best.  This project, led by Trustee Sue Hackman, seeks to reach the clients of tomorrow before they fall into a skills deficit.  We have set ourselves a three year period to establish ways of improving the learning of disadvantaged children outside of school. Our acid test is that our offer will be enjoyable, economic, replicable and will actually work.  Although the children don’t know it, it is all tied to National Curriculum objectives but packaged as fun challenges, with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

Multiply Programme

Does the thought of needing to do maths at work or at home make you anxious? Multiply is a new programme offering free and easy to access courses and initiatives to help you brush up your numeracy skills. We are offering courses and support to help in Leatherhead, Epsom, Walton, Esher and Guildford.

Walton Community Learning Centre

The Walton Community Learning Centre provides guidance and support to people who experience social inequality and face personal challenges.  The Centre is open for two days per week. It supports over 75 residents a year in recognised areas of deprivation within Lower Green and Walton. It empowers them to re-shape their lives through learning, securing a job, or getting a better job.  Building on the success of a 6-month pilot (funded by Walton Charity) it works with local networks to maximise its impact in alleviating poverty.

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